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One of your biggest concerns is not having the vitality to give your family everything they need.

You and your loved ones deserve the kind of healthcare support that addresses your individual needs by having someone take the time to get to the root of the problem:

And that means you are worrying rather than enjoying life, and not feeling confident about the future. You shouldn’t have to waste your precious time on treatments that fail to address the real problems.  Isn’t there a healthcare approach that will help you achieve your wellness goals?

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Fertility, Moms
and Kids

We work together to help you in the process of enhancing you and your partner’s overall health and wellness, which can then lead to a healthy conception, pregnancy, delivery, and post-partum period.


Your menopausal symptoms are temporary and manageable. We will help you understand your body and gain the knowledge to approach menopause positively.

Digestive &
Gut Issues

Getting your digestion back on track means taking care of the delicate workings of your gut. Our approach aims to bring balance to your digestive system, helping you achieve better gut health in a way that’s easy to understand and follow.

Naturopathic Doctor Burlington

Dr. Julianne Wiley, ND

Hello, I’m Dr. Julianne, the founder of Wiley Health Clinic. As a naturopathic doctor, I am deeply committed to helping individuals achieve optimal health through a holistic approach.


  • Expertise to guide you on your journey to wellness.
  • Natural hormone treatment and herbal botanical medicine
  • Personalized and empathetic care
  • Individualized treatment plans tailored to your needs

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What Can You Expect?, ND

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Initial Consultation

We spend the time to understand your health condition and develop a customized program for you.


Tracking your progress,  monitoring results & updating protocols and Q&A.


Begin enjoying the benefits of improved well-being. We continue supporting your health journey.

Our Natural Solutions

We empower you with knowledge about your unique body, we listen to you like a best friend would and give you the attention and care you truly deserve.

Herbal Supplements

Carefully selected and expertly formulated to support balance and vitality of body and mind.


A time-honoured practice that promotes the flow of energy and restores harmony.


Harnessing the body's innate ability to restore balance and promote overall well-being.

Some of the benefits

  • Balanced Hormonal System
  • Improved Sleep
  • Better Gut Health
  • Healthy Weight Management
  • Improved Pain Management
  • Freedom From Chronic Fatigue

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